s14 “winter Build” begins - Roll Cage install & 2015 plans

s14 “winter Build” begins – Roll Cage install & 2015 plans

As I may have mentioned on my last post, due to funds & saving for the engine swap, I’m no longer going to Anglesey Matsuri this year. That sucks, but it does mean saving a ton of money. Because of this, I’ve been doing somewhat of a parts-buying spree over the past few days, and have decided to go into full “winter build” already.

Firstly though, something that I’ve wanted to do for months.…

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DriftCup Round 3 Lydden Hill 2014 - Write up, photos & videos

Well, as strange as it is for me to say this, but last weekend I took absolutely zero photos of the car or event in question. Luckily however, others were there to capture the action. Lydden Hill Drift Cup Round 3. This was my first ever competitive drifting event, I’ve been drifting just over 5 years and I’ve never done anything competitive, so I was somewhat more nervous than what I’m usually…

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